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GMT Global Republic Aviation

Closing complex aircraft transactions is what we do best.

Sellers of commercial aircraft enjoy working with GMT Global Republic Aviation because we embrace unusual and challenging deals featuring a wide variety of aircraft.

As an active investor in commercial aircraft for 20-plus years, GMT Global has acquired more than 100 aircraft valued at greater than $1 billion. We have acquired a wide range of aircraft types and have leased them to airlines around the world.

GMT Global takes a long-term view of an investment and adds value through a combination of dedicated personnel, support services, financial resources, and active lease management. As a vested stakeholder, GMT Global has achieved consistent success by developing creative solutions to difficult and complex aircraft transactions and by enhancing value for all stakeholders.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Financial Corporation, a private investment firm with more than four decades experience in private investing. In addition to aviation assets, Republic Financial invests in distressed commercial debt and middle-market operating companies in a wide range of industries.